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  1. What is the Magic Planet?  The MP digital globe is a spherical projection system which uses images and animations of global events. e.g. tectonic plates / climate change / planets
  2. How much do you cost?  A one-day workshop with Clarissa & Paul Haley costs £ 175 + travel costs (at 40p/mile from Hereford).  This price excludes VAT.
  3. Are there any extra costs?  An edited DVD and/or mounted artwork can also be produced. The costs of these are in the range £ 40 to £ 150.
  4. Are you CRB checked?  Yes - copies available on request.  We also have public liability insurance - copy on request.
  5. Are discounts available for longer bookings?  Yes!  These are arranged on an individual basis, e.g. a 10% discount for 4 or more days.
  6. Who can give you a recommendation?  Everyone we have worked with!  We are pleased to say that all our workshops have proved successful.