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Our STARS workshops (Space Today Arts-Related Science) bring frontier science direct to schools using a Magic Planet digital globe.  With its bright rotating images the Magic Planet provides a stunning visual impact on a wide range of universal systems:

  • solar system tour
  • satellites of Jupiter & Saturn
  • new ideas about exoplanets - planets around nearby stars
  • star constellations & associated astrological star signs

This workshop includes large high-resolution astronomical images from the global exhibition 'From Earth To The Universe' (FETTU) and the latest information from the new spaceprobes - Kepler, Herschel & Planck.

Arts activities use mixed media and film-making to enable everyone to participate in this experiential workshop.  Kinaesthetic learning is used with the whole group in an 'orbits' exercise.

The Magic Planet is a projection display with a sphere-shaped screen.  It works best in a partial blackout in a hall or large room and allows a 360 degree line of sight.